Xerox Managed Print Services

Xerox Managed Print Services | Southern Digital

Getting your budget in control and managing your office costs can be a difficult project when it comes to your print environment. Using a managed print services provider can help you to get these costs in check and best utilize your equipment and resources.

Advantages of Xerox Managed Print Services

  • Save Money: An MPS provider can help you save up to 30% on your print costs, from helping you automate supply ordering to monitoring your devices to prevent any holdup or downtime when a device isn’t functioning.
  • Control Your Printing: Your MPS provider will collect data on everything regarding your print environment so that you truly know how much you print, who is printing and what changes may need to be made. When you have all of the facts, you can effectively control your printing. Adjust number of printers or people to the appropriate usage and need.
  • Streamline Your Fleet: Increase productivity and efficiency in your office by choosing the same (or similar) makes and models of equipment so that your devices work together.

Your Managed Print Services provider takes care of all of your devices, proactively monitors them, automates supply ordering and helps you to save time, resources and money.

Xerox Managed Print Services helps you to control your environment so that you can better manage your flow of work and simplify your business processes. You get the backing of an industry leader like Xerox with the support of a local company, Southern Digital.